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    Dog Nails Scratching Wood Floors

    Flooring / February 26, 2019

    Is there any way to stop dog nails scratching wood floors? The truth is that most dog owners are conflicted by the deep love they have for their pet, and the damage these dogs cause on the expensive, immaculately smooth surface of the hardwood floor in their homes. Generally, wood floors need consistent good care to keep them in good condition. So when a dog comes along and leaves unpleasant scratch marks all over, it can be quite discouraging. However, all is not lost. Here are some preventive measures to help protect your flooring.

    Preventive Measures

    1. Ensure That You Dogs Nails Are Well-trimmed

    If your dog is always indoors, they have the natural tendency to grow their claws quite fast. It’s important to keep their nails short as possible. You can do this by use of specially designed clippers and files, to trim but also keep the nails as smooth as they can be. Take considerable care not to trim too close to the skin as you may easily cause pain and distress; at the same time, observe that the fur between their paw pads are also trimmed. It helps to prevent cases of the dog slipping and hurting themselves.

    2. Regularly Walk Your Dog

    Walking your dog out, or on the sidewalks is a natural way by which to trim its nails. You also end up saving on clipping and trimming costs.

    3. Purchase Dog Booties

    Dog Nails Scratching Wood Floors

    The booties protect both the floor and your furniture from scratch marks as well. Because these booties come with special skid- proof bottom, they easily keep your dog from sliding and falling on the smooth surface of the wood floors. Although it might be hard for the dog to get used to strange fitting on their feet at first, they eventually get used to them in the long run. However, be on the lookout as some dogs keep gnawing at them, because of the initial discomfort.

    4. Improve on Floor Finishing

    In order keeping your floor protected from any further damage as a result of scratch marks, you might need to improve on the overall finishing. You can do so by applying some few coats of industrial-strength polyurethane wood floor finish; you can also consider applying floor wax. The best thing with these products is that they can help greatly in protecting your floor from any kind of damage.


    The answer is a definite yes; you can stop dog nails scratching wood floors. The best way is to use the above preventive measures, and you will not only have a happy dog, but your hardwood floor will stay in the best condition possible. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial flooring services, our team of experts here at Alliance Flooring Services can help you with all of your floor needs.

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