Flooring FAQ's

Our FAQ section is designed to provide you with insightful answers to your most pressing Phoenix flooring questions. From choosing the right materials for the Phoenix environment to understanding installation processes, we cover all aspects. Dive in to find the answers you need, ensuring you're well-prepared for your upcoming flooring project in the heart of Phoenix.

Do I have supply anything?

Installers provide the know-how, the equipment, and the muscle;you provide the power. Installers will need to use your power for their electrical tools, and they will typically use such areas as porches or patios to store equipment.

Do I have to remove my old carpet?

The removal of existing carpet on the day of installation is typically a part of an installer's service, but you should ask to make sure. Hauling the old carpet and padding away may require an additional fee.

What if the sub-flooring is damaged?

All floor coverings, including carpet, need to be installed over a structurally sound and properly installed subfloor. Any wood that has been damaged by insects, water, or other factors should be repaired prior to carpet installation.

What if the sub-flooring is damaged?

All floor coverings, including carpet, need to be installed over a structurally sound and properly installed subfloor. Any wood that has been damaged by insects, water, or other factors should be repaired prior to carpet installation.

What about the bedrooms?

All sheets, blankets, and spreads should be removed from beds before the installers arrive. All items from the tops of dressers and from closet floors should also be cleared.

What if my doors no longer close?

Some doors may need trimming to accommodate the thickness of your new carpet. Doors that do not open and close properly due to the new floor may be removed during installation, and it will be up to you to have the doors cut and re-hung.

What about the molding?

It may be necessary to remove moldings and reattach them during installation. Because some moldings, particularly quarter round, are fragile, breakage could occur. If it does, you will be responsible for replacing them. Scratches or nicks to baseboards are also a possibility, and you will be responsible for the touchups. Shaw's revolutionary soft carpet backing, SoftBac, virtually eliminates damage to walls and baseboards during installation.

What type of flooring is best suited for the Arizona climate?

In Arizona hot and dry climate, materials like ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and stone flooring are popular choices due to their ability to keep cool and withstand the heat without warping or fading.

How does the Arizona climate affect hardwood flooring?

The extreme temperatures and low humidity in Arizona can cause hardwood floors to dry out and shrink, leading to gaps. Choosing engineered hardwood or ensuring proper acclimatization and humidity control can mitigate these effects.

Are there eco-friendly flooring options available in Arizona?

Yes, many Arizona flooring companies offer eco-friendly options such as bamboo, cork, and recycled materials, catering to environmentally conscious homeowners who seek sustainable choices.

What are the latest trends in flooring for Arizona homes?

Current trends in Arizona include large-format tiles, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and polished concrete, offering durability and style that align with the region's aesthetic and climatic demands.

How do I maintain tile flooring in a dusty Arizona environment?

Regular sweeping, vacuuming, and damp mopping are essential to prevent dust accumulation on tile flooring, with periodic deep cleaning to maintain grout cleanliness and tile shine.

Can Arizona flooring companies provide heat-resistant outdoor flooring options?

Many Arizona flooring specialists offer outdoor flooring solutions like natural stone, pavers, and treated concrete that are heat-resistant and ideal for withstanding the city's intense sun and heat.

What is the average cost of flooring installation in Arizona?

The cost varies based on material and project size, but Arizona residents can expect competitive rates with variations depending on the flooring material, from affordable laminate to more premium natural stone or hardwood.

Are there specific flooring considerations for Arizona's allergy sufferers?

Yes, flooring choices like tile, laminate, or specially treated hardwood can reduce allergen accumulation, beneficial for allergy sufferers by offering easier cleaning and less dust retention.

What is the best pet-friendly flooring option in Arizona?

For pet owners, durable and scratch-resistant flooring options like luxury vinyl, tile, or specially treated hardwood floors are recommended to withstand pet wear and tear.

How long does flooring installation typically take in Arizona?

Installation time can vary, but most Arizona flooring companies strive for efficiency, with average installations taking a few days, depending on the project's scope and flooring type.

Who moves the furniture?

Although most carpet installers will remove furnishings from the room, you should remove all breakable items--like vases, lamps, collectibles, and dishes--before the installer arrives. You should detach wiring from TVs, VCRs, stereos, and computers. You should also clear desktops, tabletops, and bookshelves.

Will you move a piano?

The complimentary removal of furniture is often limited to those items that two men can easily handle. Some retailers may charge an additional fee for large, cumbersome items, including pianos, pool tables, aquariums, and oversized furniture. All of these items may vary by retailer and you will need to verify this with them before installation of your new carpet.

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